City + 2022 @ Canberra: An International Conference for Early Career Researchers and PhD Students on Urban Studies – Call for Abstracts


October 15, 2022

City+, a research conference led by early career researchers, is organizing annually for early career researchers and PhD students on urban studies. The first event, City+ 2017 @ Cambridge, was launched at University of Cambridge, followed by City+ 2018 @ London at University College London, City+ 2019 @ Delft at Delft University of Technology and City+ 2021 @ Milan at Polytechnic University of Milan. To date, our conferences have already attracted more than 320 delegates coming from many universities and institutions across countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. It has demonstrated its potential to be a good platform for early career researchers to share research experiences and thinking, develop cooperation opportunities, and address their urban concerns from multiple perspectives.

Our forthcoming conference, City+ 2022 @ Canberra, will be held in October 2022 at the Australian National University (ANU), a leading research university situated in the capital of Australia. The conference is hosted by the Crawford School of Public Policy within the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. We hope that City+ 2022 @ Canberra can facilitate young researchers to work closely at the forefront of urban studies through disseminating their research, receiving valuable feedback, expanding academic networks and boosting potential collaborations.

1. Conference Themes

City+2022 @ Canberra invites both unpublished research and published papers for submission that address, but are not limited to, these themes.

Theme 1: Housing in Changing Society

1. Housing Market Dynamics

2. Housing for the Vulnerable Groups

3. Housing and COVID-19

4. Housing in Asia-Pacific Region

Theme 2: Net-Zero Carbon Emission Cities and Sustainable Development

1. Net-Zero Carbon Emission Cities: Scenarios, Options, and Costs

2. Climate Change Mitigation in Cities: Barriers, and Opportunities

3. The Impacts of Urbanization on Future Carbon Emissions  

4. Adaptation Efforts of Cities to Global Warming and Climate Change

Theme 3: Urban Governance and Planning

1. Urban Governance and Public Service

2. Urban Policy Impact Evaluation

3. Smart Cities and Digital Governance

4. Sustainable Travel and Mobility

2. Abstract Format

Abstracts should include the following information:

1. Title, keywords (3-5), text (200-500 words), and references (optional, max. 5)

2. Theme number, and sub-topic number to which the abstract refers to

3. Publication details (For published work, please provide journal, title, DOI number, etc.)

4. Author information (Including author’s institution, email, academic position, etc.)

The abstract template can be downloaded from:

3. Submission Process & Key Dates

All submitted abstracts will be considered by the scientific committee and assessed according to the selection criteria.

Registration fee: Free

Conference type: Online meeting

Presentation format: Oral speech

Abstracts must be submitted to:

Deadline: 20 August 2022 (Canberra time)

Selected authors notified: 1-3 September 2022 (Canberra time)

4. Supporting Special Issues

Theme 3 is supported by the following two special issues. Kindly noted that, when submitting the abstract, the authors can indicate whether they would like to be considered. You can also directly contact the guest editors for more information. 

  1. Urban Planning, Sustainable Transport and Cities — Special issue in the journal International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development
  2. Guest Editor: Mengqiu Cao (
  3. Shared Micromobility and Future Cities—Special issue in the journal Transactions in Urban Data, Science, and Technology.
  4. Guest Editor: Yongping Zhang (
  5. Details:

5. Invited Speakers for Journal Session

We plan to organize a journal session to introduce several peer-reviewed journals, also including some discussions like how to write a good paper. The following are two invited speakers and more will be confirmed.

1. Dr. Marietta Haffner (Delft University of Technology), Managing Editor of the journal Housing Studies

2. Prof. Zhifu Mi (University College London), Editor in Chief of the journal Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

6. Conference organizers

Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University

City+ Research Network

Local Organizing Committee:

Xueting Jiang, Tunye Qiu, Rentao Rao, Tuyu Zhou, Nic Badullovich, Nhat Mai Nguyen, Prabhasri Herath

7. Contact Information


Linkedin: City+ International Conference

Twitter: City+ (@City17045016)

For more information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us via:

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